Major Residential Projects

Despite the difficult local, regional and national economy Banning continues to move forward with new development projects and further community revitalization.
Pardee Homes has recently amended the Butterfield Specific Plan that was approved in the mid-90s. The master planned community will create up to 4,862 single and multiple-family residential developments, with neighborhood and community parks, trails, a community center site, and 2 elementary school sites. 

Rancho San Gorgonio (RSG) Specific Plan includes the development of a master planned community on 831 acres of property. The property is located on the south side of Westward Avenue between Sunset Avenue and San Gorgonio Avenue/Highway 243. 161 acres are located within the City’s Sphere of Influence area in the County of Riverside and it will be required to annex to the City of Banning’s corporate boundaries.

The RSG Specific Plan includes 3,385 dwelling units, 188.5 acres of parks and trails and a 10-acre neighborhood commercial center. The City has approximately 8,345 residential units approved and anticipating various phases of construction to commence in 2017.
Renovation of Ramsey Villa located at 225 W. Ramsey was completed in the Summer of 2012 and includes the exterior façade improvements such as doors, windows, roofing materials, signage, fencing painting and electrical box. Addition, interior improvements have been completed including remodeled restrooms and kitchens along with new flooring and fixtures.
A map of the projects can be found here.