Conservation Outreach 6.9.22


Flush First Before Reopening

The City of Banning encourages businesses to follow federal Centers for Disease Control guidelines and flush water lines before reopening once the COVID-19 shutdown has lifted. During the closure, many businesses have sat idle and water lines most likely have been unused. It is strongly recommended to property flush these water lines for at least 10-15 minutes to ensure water quality and safety before business operations commence once again. Restaurants should also empty and refill ice makers and similar appliances connected to tap water. Please review Large Building Water System Startup Guidelines for Commercial Customers for additional information. For inquiries or assistance, please call Public Works @ 951-922-3130. 

 Covid-19 Drinking Water Fact SheetSpanish


The Water and Wastewater Utilities Department is responsible for supplying high-quality water to utility customers as well as resource planning for long-term reliable water supply. The Department is also responsible for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater in an economic and efficient manner as per State and Federal guidelines.

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PROP 218 - Aviso de Cambios Propuestos en las Tasas de Agua y Alcantarillado

Staff Report (March 27, 2018): Water and Wastewater Proposition 218 Notice of Proposed Rate Update

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