Residential Recycling Tips

Bins- 94 Gallons
(additional bins can be requested from Waste Management for a nominal fee)

- Trash
Grey - Recyclables (Paper, plastics, cardboard, cereal boxes, bulk mail, newspapers, etc.)
Green- Green waste including grass leaves, tree branches, plants, weeds, etc.

  • Recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans not only saves money, but saves energy otherwise used to create new products
  • Photocopy on both sides of paper to reduce amount of paper purchased
  • Donate old magazines to local businesses, schools, senior assisted living homes, or hospitals rather than throw them away
  • Purchasing reusable shopping bags will reduce the amount of wasted plastic bags
  • Composting garden (grass clippings and tree trimmings) and kitchen waste reduces the average homes waste by 20-25% and diminishes the use of expensive fertilizers
  • Reduce household hazardous wastes:
    • Buy pump bottles over Aerosol spray cans when possible
    • Use rechargeable batteries
Waste Management provides 3 bulky item curbside pick-ups a year with a phone call notice 2 days prior to collection day. For additional information contact them at: 1-800-423-9986.