Complaints about the police can be made:

 • In person at the Banning Police Station
 • By telephone at (951) 922-3170
 • By mail: 

Banning Police Department
Office of the Chief of Police
P.O. Box 1177
Banning, CA 92220

Citizen Complaint Procedure

Dear Community Member:

It is my expectation that all department members provide the community we serve with the highest level of policing services at every available opportunity. If you feel that you have not received the level of service that is expected, it is your right to submit a formal complaint to the Office of the Chief of Police. Please utilize one of the above methods to provide details regarding your complaint. Once complete, please return the form to a supervisory employee of the Department, and you will be provided with a receipted copy for your records. You can also complete this form online and submit it electronically to my office.

Once received, a thorough investigation will be done of all the information contained in your complaint. You may be contacted for additional information by the staff member assigned to investigate the case. Once the investigation is complete and the facts are known, I will personally review the complete report and make a determination regarding the validity and seriousness of the allegation(s). You will be notified in writing of my determination.

It should be noted that this complaint procedure cannot be used to establish your guilt or innocence in any pending criminal proceeding. Although your complaint will be accepted from you, no formal determination will be made while criminal action is pending. Additionally, you cannot utilize this complaint procedure if you disagree with any law, ordinance, or established policy or procedure of the City of Banning of its Police Department, if the department member who is the subject of your complaint was complying with such law, ordinance, policy or procedure.

Please know that your complaint will be reviewed fairly and impartially; however, if you feel that the nature of your complaint requires further inquiry, you may also contact:

Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback and allowing us the opportunity to address anything that is determined to require correction. Maintaining a relationship of trust and confidence with the community we serve is a top priority of the Banning Police Department; communication with you regarding our performance and service allows this relationship to continue.


Matthew Hamner
Chief of Police