Municipal Electric Company

The City of Banning provides electric service to its residents and businesses with its own municipal electrical company. Its rates are significantly lower than Southern California Edison and are among the lowest in the region! In addition to its favorable rates, the electric company offers a variety of incentives for conserving electrical energy. Examples of past programs include the following:
  • New construction incentive providing up to $10,000 for approved design assistance for reduced demand from using energy-efficient measures associated with new construction
  • Heat pump rebate from $200 to $600 per ton up to $20,000
  • Rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle used indoors, including forklifts, hand trucks, industrial golf carts, lifting machines, or similar vehicles
  • Rebate for the installation of high efficiency outdoor security lighting equipment
Call the electric company at (951) 922-3260 for information on current programs and rates.