What is involved in the AVA Program process?
The Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) division of the Banning Code Enforcement Department mails out certified Notice of Violation letters, which state the City Ordinance sections and California Vehicle Code sections used in determining whether a vehicle is an "attractive nuisance". These letters are mailed to the property owner and the vehicle owner and allow a 10-day time limit in which to correct the problem. After the end of the 10-day time period, there is a re-inspection of the property to ascertain whether the vehicle has been properly taken care of. If the vehicle has not been taken care of, a "Notice to Abate" certified letter is mailed to the same parties, with a deadline to comply with the terms outlined in both letters. If, after the deadline has expired, the vehicle still has not been taken care of, the Code Enforcement Community Service Officer has an Affidavit and Administrative Warrant prepared and signed by a Judge at the Banning Court. This Administrative Warrant is then taken to the property in violation and served either upon the property owner or posted on the property and the vehicle is towed away. Any vehicle taken by this action is disposed of by a certified dismantler and may not be sold in a lien sale by the towing company.

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