Electric Utility

What We Do
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The Electric Department provides economical, reliable, and safe distribution of electricity to residents and businesses in the City of Banning. The Department's Staff accomplish this through continual attention to our physical plant and to a wide array of legal, financial, and engineering considerations. The Electric Department procures the majority of its electricity through contracts with the Southern California Public Power Authority. These contracts include participation in the San Juan coal plant, the Palo Verde nuclear plant, and the Hoover hydro facility.

The Department has a combined total of 27.4 megawatts of capacity, which covers the bulk of its power requirements. The existence of the Electric Department reduces the per unit overhead costs of all City operations through the provision of low cost energy and administrative support.

Rebate funds for the Photovoltaic (PV) program have been exhausted. The City will no longer offer rebates for new PV applications. Customers wishing to install PV on their homes or businesses without a rebate are welcomed to submit applications, and when approved may execute the Interconnection Agreement.