Impound Authority

  1. No person shall park or leave standing within the city any vehicle for a period of 72 or more consecutive hours upon any highway, street, alley or city property. Having done so, any law enforcement officer is authorized to remove or cause removal of any vehicle so parked or left standing in violation of this section.

  2. Vehicles may be subject to impound for evidentiary purposes if it is believed the vehicle was used in the commission of a crime. Additionally, when a vehicle is recovered after being stolen, and attempts to contact the registered owner were unsuccessful. If your vehicle was impounded as evidence, you should contact the Banning Police Department records bureau to find out when it can be released (951) 922-3170.

  3. The driver was arrested and taken forthwith or the driver was determined to be incapacitated.

  4. The vehicle obstructs, blocks, unattended or creates a hazard.

  5. When a vehicle is determined to have an expired registration of more than 6 months, or there is an excessive amount of unpaid parking citations, the vehicle is subject to impound.

  6. All vehicles are subject to impound for 30 days if the driver of the vehicle is found to be driving the vehicle while unlicensed or his or her driving privileges were suspended or revoked. The registered or legal owner is entitled to a storage hearing to determine the validity of, or to consider any mitigating circumstances, attendant to the storage. The validity of a second party’s possession of the vehicle and their license status is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

For more information regarding authority to remove vehicles, please refer to 22651 - 22711 of the California Vehicle Code or visit the California Legislative Information website.